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Strategic Advisory

Entrepreneurship and leadership can sometimes be lonely. Your advisor is a partner with whom you can bounce ideas and brainstorm solutions, enabling you to reach conclusions that you otherwise would not reach in a silo. Your advisor helps you set appropriate and realistic deadlines and keeps you accountable to meeting them.

Services Include

Strategic & Executive Advisory | Strategic Plan Accountability | Process Documentation & Systems Implementation Guidance | Business Development Accountability and Guidance

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Operational planning

We provide strategic and implementation planning for your business to articulate your current structure, determine your future goals, and define your next steps to achieve success. During a short- or long-term consultation, we help you test and measure your progress, provide you with suggested business operations structures, and keep you and your team accountable to achieve success.

Services Include

Social Media Strategy and Management | Business Development Strategy & Implementation | Branding Strategy & Launch | Market or Technology Research & Analysis | Operations Team Search & Onboarding | Website Messaging Strategy & Copywriting | Website Audit

Targeted Implementation

Your business is now seeing growth and is ready to scale, but you need people to manage and implement your projects. We put together a plan to execute your strategy - whether it be in Finance, CRM, Social Media, Business Development, or Communications - and our experts manage the tasks for you.

Services Include

Process Documentation & Systems Implementation | Marketing Audit & Implementation | Website Development

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Government Program Support

With expertise in finance, customer relationship management, social media, business development, evaluation, and communications, LVL-Up's team is capable of supporting the needs of local, state, and federal agencies.

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What We Do

We value the dreams of our clients and our implementers. By bringing them together, we've found a way to reach both.

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