Client Success Stories

We have helped numerous clients in diverse industries LVL-Up through our strategic advisory, operational strategy, and targeted implementation services.

Business people in a strategy meeting

Consulting Strategic Advisory

The Issue

The demand for this consulting company’s services exploded in mid-2020, and the executive knew their team needed help managing the influx of inquiries.

The Strategy

LVL-Up quickly recognized that the consultancy needed to standardize its internal processes before expanding the business. After examining the firm’s organizational structure and evaluating its goals for growing the business, LVL-Up developed a plan to:

  1. integrate new software for managing files, client interactions, and the sales pipeline;
  2. host weekly executive strategic advising sessions; and
  3. provide continuous, remote, back-office support.

The Implementation

LVL-Up started with pricing analysis and recommended a new strategy that increased the firm's profits. Next, LVL-Up developed a new file management system, streamlined the hiring and onboarding of new employees, and conducted a marketing analysis. Working with the client, LVL-Up implemented the new marketing strategy, increased the company's social media presence, and coordinated the marketing platforms to point to an updated website. Over the course of a one-year partnership, LVL-Up handled back-office operations, enabling the consultancy’s team members the flexibility to engage more deeply and meaningfully with their clients.

"I believe LVL-Up is largely responsible for the dramatic increase in traffic to our sites, keeping me organized and focused, and for the resulting increase in profits for the business. They are easy to work with, they are creative, and they are a highly effective group."
— Consultant



Value Returned

Updated pricing strategy that increased profits

New file management system


  • Standardized internal processes
  • Refined marketing and sales strategy


Consultancy doubled in size and is poised for future growth with tools to support long-term goals and plans