You’ve won a
government contract.
We can help you scale.

Congratulations! The solution won the contract - what's next? It is time to make sure your people and processes can deliver. The number one issue with scaling for a government contract is scaling responsibly.

You shouldn’t waste your time putting out fires to get requirements out the door

As you sit down to work every day, do you lose your time to putting out fires? Re-doing the work of your team? Being the only one who can get CDRLs and contractual deliverables across the finish line? 

Are you...

taking on a heavier workload than your team can handle?

It would be great to hire a bigger team, but hiring one person is a six-month time commitment and you need a lot more than one person!

struggling to find anyone on your team to manage a project?

You would have a lot more capacity to hire and ensure quality if you just had some help at the management level. If only you could clone yourself…

seeking to establish quality assurance guidelines?

From team to team, you see quality differences. And then someone “drops the ball” because they didn’t understand the next step.

worried it's too late to build an effective team with a positive culture?

You trained your team in a frenzy and now you have no idea who knows what, and where there are redundancies or gaps. And the blame game has already started.

Here’s how we can help you 

It’s time to LVL-UP your operation’s game to match the quality of your product and meet your client’s expectations.

Wherever you are in your journey, LVL-Up has the expertise, experience, and tools to #GetItHandled®.

Team search
and onboarding

We’ll handle the hiring process for you. We screen applicants and send you the top candidates. Then we manage the entire hiring process and lead your new hires through a smooth, comprehensive onboarding.

Process mapping and system implementation

We work with you to ensure teams have access to the same information, define your processes, and develop clear instructions to improve efficiency and quality assurance.


We will set your team up to manage projects to delivery, while also lifting you up as the expert who leads them.


We’ll develop a polished, fully-responsive website that frames the organization as a great place to work. We incorporate your values and purpose to ensure a transparent, communicative culture from the start.

Wherever you are in your business journey, LVL-Up has the expertise, experience, and tools to #GetItHandled.


Our advisors and implementers are executives, entrepreneurs, visionaries, and logisticians, who are also members of foreign service and military families serving domestically and overseas.

They are strategists whose expertise, determination, creativity, and ingenuity allow them to #GetItHandled®.

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3. LVL-Up your operations so you can deliver on this government contract and more!

Learn why it's important to build your Policies, guides, and sops from day one

Process documentation acts like a roadmap for your business, displaying the best practice guide for the execution of the tasks within your business allowing for continuous improvement and reference material. Continuously, efficiently, and correctly completed processes help you reach your business goals.