Client Success Stories

We have helped numerous clients in diverse industries LVL-Up through our strategic advisory, operational strategy, and targeted implementation services.

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Real Estate Systems Implementation and Documentation

The Issue

A two-person real estate agency team was looking to expand its business, but lacked the avenue or expertise to systematize processes and onboard new team members. The team lead had reached his threshold to take on more business and needed to standardize and streamline his operations to increase his capacity.

The Strategy

Through a series of interviews, LVL-Up and the client determined that the client's current business model made it difficult to expand and take on new business. LVL-Up created and implemented recommendations based on data and best practices found through industry research. Through this process, the client identified his goals as:

  1. free up the client’s time to focus on growth and better quality of life;
  2. onboard and train new team members to perform duties in the manner and quality that the team lead executes; and
  3. implement clear next steps for the team's expansion through operational scale.

The Solution

LVL-Up created a workflow in conjunction with a project management software that would allow for team collaboration and a higher volume of deals. The workflow referenced new standard operating procedures (SOPs) that LVL-Up created - foundational business documents that paved the way for next steps in the team's plans for scale.

"I've struggled with growth because I never had the focus, or guidance to properly bring on a new team member. I realized it was because I didn't have the tools and systems on how I wanted tasks completed. Thanks to LVL-Up, I can now multiple myself! I wish I had done this years ago!"
— Real Estate Professional


Real Estate

Value Returned

Identified, analyzed, and documented the client's workflow and tasks for delegation

Implemented a management software for team collaboration


  • Recruited a new Operations Assistant to expand the team
  • Reduced the client's workload by 50%


The client is able to expand his business in team size and service capacity