Client Success Stories

We have helped numerous clients in diverse industries LVL-Up through our strategic advisory, operational strategy, and targeted implementation services.

Business people in a strategy meeting

Agency Billing Operations

The Issue

The CEO of a consultancy engaged LVL-Up in a project to systematically streamline the entire invoicing system.

The Strategy

After meeting with key members of the client’s finance and operations team, LVL-Up presented the client’s pro forma and helped set a strategy to improve billing systems and processes and increase payment completion rates and times.

The Solution

After three months of focus, LVL-Up’s work enabled the client to make informed decisions about bonuses using our calculator, enforce billing terms with all clients, and recoup more than $1.6 million in overdue invoices. LVL-Up helped train the client's team on how to use and maintain the updated invoicing system to prevent backlogs in the future, improving the financial health of the entire company.



Value Returned

Identified and analyzed current procedures and processes to identify gaps and inefficiencies

Implemented a billing operations system that more easily manages invoices


  • Identified backlogged invoices that were overdue in an amount exceeding $1.6 million
  • Trained the client's team on how to run and maintain the updated systems


The client recouped more than $300,000 in unpaid invoices within 30 days of implementation, and more than $1.6 million in overdue invoices total.