Strategic Communications

Messaging is NOT why you started your company, are we right? Does it seem like you are spending all of your time on your image instead of what you actually love doing? Even with the help of AI, do you feel like your company brand is missing the audience you want to reach? 

That’s where LVL-Up comes in. Here’s how we build a marketing footprint that hits:

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LVL-Up Social Media Strategy and Management

marketing strategy & implementation

Where does marketing end and your sales cycle begin? How are communications different from marketing? And why do they all rely on each other? As soon as you start scratching the surface of your brand, you uncover a huge pile of to-do’s to get your messaging in order. It’s time for a marketing strategy that shapes your messaging and visibility. Meet with LVL-Up marketing experts to Get It Handled®.

At LVL-Up:
1. We assess your current digital footprint, analyze the market and competition, and prioritize your implementation plan.
2. We identify efficient, cost-effective ways to build awareness for your brand and compel prospects to take the next step in your sales cycle.
3. We work with your team or as your team to make the plan a reality, executing the tactics and measuring results over time.

LVL-Up Strategic Communications

message development & inside sales

Do you have a plan or the collateral to engage the people you meet? Can your professional network easily refer you? Networking face-to-face takes time, cultivating leads takes time, and you need the tools to share about your company - yes, that takes time too. But you don’t have to do this alone. Make LVL-Up your inside sales team to Get It Handled® and close on your in-person sales efforts.

At LVL-Up:
1. We assess and improve your sales systems including messaging, CRM, networking outlets, business development scripts, and email templates.
2. We refine your messaging and create cohesion across your digital platforms.
3. We identify the supporting collateral you need and optimal ways to share information about your offerings.
4. We track progress and adjust as needed because communications are always evolving.

LVL-Up Systems and Process Documentation

communications & pr

Have you thought about establishing yourself as an expert in your field? How do you find more opportunities to build your reputation? Is it too hard to break through organic coverage and get away from costly advertorials?

Our public relations and media experts can help you tell your story effectively to build your professional value. Meet with LVL-Up to learn how to Get It Handled® with publicity.

At LVL-Up:
1. We uncover your relevant story and expertise that will resonate with broader audiences.
2. We prepare you for interviews in relevant print, digital, and broadcast outlets through media training and talking points.
3. We research key audiences, set placement targets, and define metrics to make sure your efforts are impactful..
4. We develop your speaker sheet as a trusted expert and secure organic editorial coverage through targeted pitches and tailored outreach to individual journalists.

LVL-Up can Get It Handled® from start to finish.

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