Careers at LVL-Up

We are an EFM-owned and run consulting firm that helps small businesses and entrepreneurs get to the next level learn how to become part of a winning team.

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LVL-Up Strategies is an EFM-owned and run consulting firm that helps small businesses and entrepreneurs get to the next level.

We are a remote company that values progression, adaptability, collaboration, ingenuity, autonomy, and integrity. These are achieved through virtual workspaces, leveraging technology to work asynchronously, weekly all-hands huddles, and an emphasis on personal/professional development. We are for one another and for our clients.

Our focus is on progress - for both the small businesses and the unique workforce that supports them.

What our Implementors Think

“I was becoming frustrated with having to switch jobs every 2-3 years. Then I found LVL-Up and realized that I could have a meaningful career that I can take with me wherever I go”
“Information given during on-boarding is concrete and not just fluff.”
“I have worked for a remote company before but the culture was so toxic.  Here at LVL-Up Strategies I feel trusted and supported and enjoy remote work again.”

Job Opportunities

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Past Positions

Marketing & Events Coordinator
This position is no longer available

Do you love working with clients to remotely plan their events, vet vendors, and coordinate their timelines? Are you excited by working with multiple types of businesses in different industries?

Social Media Coordinator
This position is no longer available

Do you love social media? Do you love helping clients grow their social media presence but hate having to hunt for new business? Do you wish you could focus on your craft?

Operations & Research Coordinator
This position is no longer available

Do you love working with clients to improve their processes and operations? Are you excited by helping Clients make data-driven decisions?

The LVL-Up Career Path


A Coordinator is generally a newly-hired implementer who is in the period of on-boarding or has recently completed on-boarding with LVL-Up. A Coordinator’s main responsibility is to execute the tasks and deliverables of a project with guidance from an Associate, Consultant, or Program Manager (PM). This role is responsible for coordinating all aspects of the project, ranging from setting up meeting times, providing options on which Associates, Consultants, and PMs can make decisions, and executing specific instructions from Consultants and PMs. A Coordinator has typically never worked in a consulting and/or small business environment prior to LVL-Up, and has at least three years of professional working experience.


An Associate has had experience as a Coordinator previously and is responsible to implement tasks on projects with guidance from a PM, Director (DIR) or Executive (EXEC). An Associate is generally client-facing and will be assigned only billable client work. An Associate could be assigned to 2-3 projects at any given time. An Associate has typically never worked in a consulting environment prior to LVL-Up, but has worked with multiple clients, entrepreneurs, or small businesses previously.


A Consultant has had experience as an Associate previously and is responsible to autonomously run small, fixed-fee projects or monthly, recurring engagements with oversight or guidance from a PM, DIR, or EXEC. A Consultant is an innovative thinker with strong technical and interpersonal skills. A Consultant has excellent communication skills and can be autonomous in performing work efficiently. Consultants are responsible for both implementation and high-level project management.

A Consultant is generally client-facing and will be assigned billable client work with the exception of occasional internal deliverables (i.e. LVL-Up Overhead work). They could be responsible to lead and implement 2-3 projects at any given time. A Consultant has typically worked in a consulting environment (either within LVL-Up or prior to LVL-Up) and worked with entrepreneurs and small businesses previously (either within LVL-Up or prior to LVL-Up). A four-year degree or additional five years of professional experience is required for this position.

Program Manager

A Program Manager has had experience as a Consultant previously and is responsible to autonomously run large, fixed-fee projects, including scoping, budgeting, and resourcing with limited oversight or guidance from a Director or an Executive. Program Managers have the full-scope view of each client and/or project that has been assigned and ideally have been involved with the project from the discovery phase. A Program Manager is responsible for overseeing the achievement of larger organizational goals. This position requires excellent prioritization skills, teamwork, and the ability to navigate complex projects in order to effectively oversee multiple projects across LVL-Up. A bachelor’s degree and four years of consulting work (or a master’s degree) is required for this position.


A Director has had experience as a Program Manager previously and is responsible for a business arm (i.e. functional area) of LVL-Up. Directors have full responsibility over each client and/or project within their area. They will autonomously run business development, project scoping, and assign their project teams. They are responsible for the P&L of their division and for resolving any client issues faced by Associates or PMs on their projects.

A Director is generally external-facing and is responsible for both client billable work as well as LVL-Up Overhead work (e.g. Strategy and Business Development). They are responsible for all projects within their business arm at any given time.

The Director title is generally held indefinitely or in accordance with the Professional Development plan to reach an Executive title.

Our Application Process

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to live in the United States to work at LVL-Up?

LVL-Up is a completely remote company. You can work from anywhere that you have an internet connection, however you must be authorized to work in the United States.

Do I have to be an Eligible Family Member (EFM) of a member of the US Foreign Service or Military?

No. While the majority of our current workforce at LVL-Up are eligible family members with US Foreign Service or Military we welcome anyone who meets the requirements of the job position.

My family will be PCSing (Moving to another country) next summer. How can I work around that?

We all understand what it is like to PCS. We have standard operating procedures for what you need to do before you sign out for a PCS, Home Leave, or vacation.

Does LVL-Up have a physical office?

We are headquartered in Arlington VA, however no one currently sits in our office space full time.

Are positions at LVL-Up full-time or part-time?

LVL-Up offers flexible hours (minimum 20 hours a week required); with an opportunity to transition to full-time work if desired.

How do I get started in a remote setting?

LVL-Up has a robust on-boarding process - six months long! It allows you to learn how our software and internal processes work asynchronously. You will have an on-boarding mentor who will meet with you regularly (virtually) and be available for questions via email, virtual meetings, or chat.

Am I required to do business development?

Business development is not a requirement when you start with LVL-Up, unless it is stated in your job description.

Will I be required to "Check-In" to LVL-Up's physical office?