human resources

Are you learning that the toughest part of your job is having a team? You know that people are your most valuable resource, but leading is draining. And you still need to produce and deliver for your clients. Imagine having a trusted advisor to help you navigate your HR hurdles?

LVL-Up's HR-trained experts help you build your compliance, policies, and programs as well as your leadership and team culture at a price you can afford.

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LVL-Up Recruiting and Staffing services

Hiring & onboarding support

Ready to grow your team, but not sure how to create job descriptions, recruit, interview, and onboard – or where you will find the time? When you need to focus on servicing your current workload, we can build and implement your hiring and onboarding process. Feel confident working on your business while LVL-Up trains your team to Get It Handled®.

1. We understand how to cultivate inter-team relationships, ensure compliance, and implement proven HR practices.
2. We will build a plan complete with position descriptions and training components.
3. We post openings, review resumes, and run the initial interviews to send top candidates straight to you. 
4. After you choose the best talent to hire, we manage their onboarding and initial training for a smooth transition to your team.

LVL-Up helps with Human Resources

staff augmentation

Need help, but not ready to hire yet? Sometimes it is nice to have experts who can hit the ground running and work in multiple areas of your business. You might need business development, marketing, and operational support, but do you really need three more people on your team? We can fill your gaps and be your organization’s operations, finance, sales, marketing, or HR expert. Let LVL-Up Get It Handled® for you.

At LVL-Up:
1. We are your reliable team that moves the needle toward progress for your business.
2. We have experts across fields that not only execute but also provide review, feedback, and suggestions on best practices for your organization.
3. We learn your business from multiple angles, which provides you with the most effective support in a very affordable way.

LVL-Up Leadership Development

Leadership development

Leadership: Are you ready? You are at that shifting point where your influence begins to have impact. But before you jump into leading, have you given thought to who you are? How do your values shine through in your approach to your team and their environment? How do you lead and the company culture you want to build? We can work with you one-on-one to develop your leadership skills, or with your entire team to help foster healthy communication and understanding. With LVL-Up you can learn to communicate, adapt, and be effective in leading a team that Gets It Handled®

At LVL-Up:
1. Professional development is our thing – and we are happy to share our system with you. We progress careers and open opportunities for our favorite workforce: Eligible family members of the military and foreign service.
2. Our certified leadership experts uncover your leadership voice, tendencies, strengths, and opportunities through assessments and interviews.
3. We walk your team through self-assessment and work together to develop the company culture you and your team desire.
4. You’ll receive tools that help you improve your leadership style and support sustainable change in yourself and others.

LVL-Up can Get It Handled® from start to finish.

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