Who are efms and milspouses?

Eligible Family Members (EFMs) and Military Spouses are more than spouses of Foreign Service officers and military personnel. We understand ambiguity, adapt to new environments, and uncover the best solutions for non-traditional situations.

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We work within your vision to create dynamic environments so you can sustain growth and get to the next level. Whether you’re looking to identify gaps, looking to get your life back, or looking to increase your bandwidth, LVL-Up Strategies gives you the freedom to focus on your passion.

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We know how to support government agencies, scale businesses, and run nonprofits. We live and move with the government as a career and intimately understand how processes, internal languages, and cultures can drive success or cause toxicity. A majority of us have secondary degrees and certifications, and many of us own our own businesses. We have worked in, sat on boards for, and volunteered at nonprofit organizations across the globe.


of EFMs report that employment is important or very important when they bid on their next post. (Source)


of MilSpouses are women. (Source)


of MilSpouses participate in the labor market compared to 76% of the general population. (Source)


of EFMs have not considered telework options. (Source)

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We are driven.

We drive our clients and ourselves to the next level.

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Whether you are an EFM or MilSpouse wanting to build a continuous career at LVL-Up or a hiring organization interested in tapping into this talented workforce, we'd love to help. Fill out our form to get in touch with our team.