Client Success Stories

We have helped numerous clients in diverse industries LVL-Up through our strategic advisory, operational strategy, and targeted implementation services.

Business people in a strategy meeting

Nonprofit Staff Augmentation

The Issue

The nonprofit client needed a strategic partner who was experienced in portfolio management, development marketing and communications, and the fundraising lifecycle to enable targeted fundraising and engagement plans throughout the year. Adding a LVL-Up Project Management Professional (PMP) to their team closed their capacity gap without incurring the costs of hiring a staff member.

The Strategy

LVL-Up provided portfolio management for the client to strengthen relationships with their sister organization comprised of more than 35 chapters and more than 17,000 donor members. We were responsible for increasing awareness of the nonprofit's programs and resources and providing value to members through network subgroups that included regular email updates and virtual networking calls. Additionally, we provided fundraising support by following a calendared cadence of donor support that began with an annual funding campaign and continued with a summer awards ceremony, a year-end campaign, and turnkey fundraising events that smaller groups could host.

We also provided high-quality project management throughout the engagement. This included:

  • Researching prospects establishing the strategy and goals;
  • Executing and implementing necessary marketing and outreach to targeted segments of donors to raise awareness and secure sponsorships;
  • Setting benchmarks to measure progress and request support from executive and program divisions for high-level funding requests or coordinated outreach efforts;
  • Conducting a full debrief of successes and opportunities; and
  • Closing the project with stewardship plans for existing donors and cultivation plans for potential donors.

Finally, we supported the client's event planning, focusing on securing awards ceremony sponsors, vetting potential honorees, and reviewing and approving event elements such as branding collateral, stage design, and audio visual requirements. We attended production meetings to verify that onsite elements were in place and ensure that sponsor benefits were met.

The Solution

While this portfolio only comprises 5% of the overall funding goals for the nonprofit, the work LVL-Up successfully completes each month are paramount to the nonprofit's mission and largest partnership. The client has renewed the LVL-Up contract four times already.



Value Returned

Consistent engagement with thousands of members and donors

Successful event planning and execution throughout the year


  • Metrics and reporting to evaluate progress engagement and fundraising
  • Improved processes around fundraising, donor engagement, and event planning


The nonprofit relies on LVL-Up to manage this critical portfolio, for three years and counting.