LVL-Up Team Shares Their Favorite Mom Hacks in Honor of Mother’s Day

The LVL-Up Team
May 9, 2023
LVL-Up Team Shares Their Favorite Mom Hacks in Honor of Mother’s Day

LVL-Up brings you a wealth of knowledge and professional experience from women who have worked worldwide in different professional settings. But let’s be real here, many of our best people management skills have come from being moms and managing our households. As spouses to Military personnel and Foreign Service Officers who move around the world every few years, we have become extremely adaptable and innovative. As moms of children ages one to 16, we have learned even more.

We are celebrating Mother’s Day by giving you the gift of some of our favorite Mom Hacks. Whether you have kids, clients, or both, these hacks are useful!  

  • Invest in self care.

“I hire a babysitter when I need to run errands - not just for date nights!”

  • Steer away from shiny objects that aren’t helpful.

“I tell the kids early on that we only go to Chuck E. Cheese when invited to a birthday party.”

  • Keep focus on the relevant information that helps move clients towards progress.

“Somehow, I “lose” my son’s slime before it ever makes it home. Slime is the worst!”

  • Engage with your audience.

“We read a chapter book series aloud as a family. It’s fun for all of us - especially when we can celebrate finishing the book by watching the movie together.”

  • Prepare and practice strong sales scripts.

Teach your kids to say, “We have food at home, and it’s cheaper” so they can respond to your partner’s suggestion of grabbing McDonald’s on the way home.

  • Make mundane tasks more exciting by keeping the end goal in mind.  

Orange juice with ice and a straw in a glass? Perfect for a way to keep the kids engaged while the parents enjoy a Sunday afternoon drink at the pub!

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  • Change up your environment to get better results.

“I ask my kids to go on walks with me. We all get fresh air, there are no distractions, and they open up without much prodding.”

  • Manage Expectations.

“When my kids ask me to play with them, I tell them to get it ready first so I can finish what I’m doing and see if they are actually going to stick with that activity.” 

  • Focus on what’s important, and don’t overwhelm them with too many options.

Let them choose, but not really: pick two things you’d be okay with, then give them those options and “let” them choose one.  

  • Find space that works for you - physically and mentally.

Get posted to Africa? Every restaurant and bar has a playground which means everyone is happy to go out.

  • Know your limits and pause when needed.

Book yourself (ONLY YOU) a room in a hotel in town. Schedule spa time, take comfy clothes, and just relax for one night alone.

  • Treat yourself - you earned it!

“I swap my coffee creamer for Baileys on the weekend because I’ve earned it.”

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The LVL-Up Team