Operational planning

You are ready to expand your business operations, and you are looking for some support strategizing and implementing your next steps. No matter which area of your business is growing, from social media to customer relationship management, we are able to support your team as your company scales.

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Your mission and your unique approach to servicing your clients are too important to simply be present on social media. Digital marketing is a critical piece of your marketing strategy; and having an organized, streamlined, consistent, and comprehensive social media approach is key to the success of your business. Though social media is important in solidifying your online presence and standing out from the competition, it is time-consuming and challenging – and even more so if you don’t know where to begin. This is where our team of social media and marketing experts can help. You need to stand out with a social media strategy that is executed by a team that is devoted and attentive to your accounts.

Through a series of strategic advisory sessions, our team will learn what effect you would like social media to have on your business, and we will deep dive into how social media can be leveraged to achieve your business goals. We will work with you to discover your targets for your social media presence and accounts and the type of audience you are looking to reach.During implementation, we will create a tactical plan for how, where, what, and when we’re going to post on social media. In contrast with a typical social media account management firm, we will learn your unique voice in order to create a series of posts to set the profile tone moving forward. We will work with your approval every step of the way.

Finally, we will put your unique social media plan in place and measure the results. We will adjust the posts and process as needed and provide you with the foundation you need to continue to reach your digital marketing goals.

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Activating your network and leveraging tools for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) are the keys to building a strategic business development plan, and ultimately, a sustainable business. Proper coaching, accountability, and CRM implementation allow you to set realistic business goals, maintain touchpoints with your best referral partners, and consistently measure yourself against your targets.

Initiation of this project includes a series of meetings to better understand your business processes, goals, and ideal clients, followed by LVL-Up identifying the best CRM system for your needs. Our team of expert managers, coordinators, and implementers work to help you create sustainable business growth by developing a strategic business development plan that includes data-based targets for engaging your network, recommendations for marketing alignment, and weekly status calls for CRM implementation and accountability.


From your business homepage, to your social media tone, to the color palette used across your marketing communications, your brand is constantly leading the voice of your organization. Strong, consistent branding is more than just a logo; it is the pathway into the eyes and ears of everyone who engages with your company’s website, emails, and social media.

At LVL-Up, we are a team of seasoned marketing experts with vast experience across multiple industries. We have helped companies like yours develop their branding and voice to share across formal and informal channels to reach their customers. We will work with your team to identify your target market and define a clear path to reach your audience.

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You have identified areas where technology or automation can assist your business (either on your own or in coordination with our team through a Strategic Advisory service). Congratulations! You want to move forward in implementing these technologies to improve your day-to-day operations, and you have a myriad of options for your next steps. However, you are unable to take time away from your core mission to research and trial every possible technology solution that is currently on the market.

Our team at LVL-Up has experience in research, analysis, comparison, and trials of today’s most cutting-edge platforms, which are tailored to fit the needs of small business. We will help you to identify your “must-have” requirements, your “nice-to-have” requirements, and any other technical parameters that fit the needs of your specific operations. We will work with you to define, obtain, and manage the implementation of this new technology in your day-to-day.


Your business is growing and you continue to onboard clients that you would like to spend your time supporting and servicing. However, you are at capacity and know that you need to start delegating some operations work. An operations assistant works in a team to ensure that administrative tasks are completed and that the business functions efficiently. The assistant could be responsible for administrative duties, providing customer support, or managing the back-office responsibilities that are inherent in any industry.

Our team at LVL-Up has experience in creating the perfect position description based on your needs and recruiting the ideal talent that will align with your company and culture. We have a tried and tested process to make sure that you are kept in the loop on who is applying to your position, yet we will take care of the hours of resume reviews and initial interviews needed to find the perfect new hire. We will work with you to pass along top candidates and manage the entire hiring process to ensure that the on-boarding of your new hire is planned and runs smoothly.

This package is ideally for clients who have gone through our Systems & Documentation program and/or have established standard operating procedures in place for an operations assistant to follow.

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You have a website that does not seem to be driving clients to you the way you had planned.  You know you need to revamp your website, but you don’t have the time or expertise on your team.

At LVL-Up, we are a team of seasoned marketing experts with vast experience across multiple industries. We have helped companies like yours develop their website strategy to match their branding and voice. We will work with your team to identify your target market and define a clear path to reach your audience.


For some reason, your target audience is not finding your website.  A marketing ecosystem should be comprehensive, connected, and strategic.  You website is key in that marketing system because it enables you to be discovered, establish authority, connect with ideal clients, measure results and capture leads.

Our team of LVL-Up marketing experts will perform a full marketing audit for your website, identify where your branding and voice could be improved. We will work with your team to identify your target market and define a clear path to reach your audience.

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