Empowering Military Spouses in the Remote Workforce

Hiring remote employees seems a lot more difficult than it is. How do we know? We are a fully remote, asynchronous team of military and foreign service spouses and we help businesses set their operations up for growth. Hiring remote employees is about having the right tools to engage your team and clear processes to show your new staff the company's ways of working.

Hiring remote isn't really that scary. LVL-Up can guide you through it.

Are you ready for your remote employee?

Many companies don't have the infrastructure to effectively integrate remote employees into their workforce. But LVL-Up has done this with our own employees and with our clients' teams!

LVL-Up Strategies is here to Help you.

taking on a heavier workload than your team can handle?

Hiring in general, specifically hiring remote team members, can be a heavy lift. We can help you grow your team without losing productivity.

unsure of how to recruit, hire, and manage remote team members?

We've been there, done that. Our team will guide you through candidate selection, remote requirements, and onboarding plans.

seeking to establish
quality assurance guidelines?

From team to team, you see quality differences. Reduce the chance that someone, existing or new, could miss a step in your processes.

worried it's too late to build an effective team with a positive culture?

It's not. Improving your operations helps you create a culture that attracts and retains talent, and being remote-friendly sets you apart.

Remote onboarding with LVL-Up could not have gone any smoother. From the initial interviews to training during the first few weeks, the method was detailed and thorough. I had never worked on a remote team before becoming a Hiring Our Heroes Fellow. With LVL-Up, the process was clearly documented, designed, and efficient. Onboarding with their team was more intentional than other places I have worked in the past.
Courtney Nichols
Hiring Our Heroes Fellow
Courtney Nichols, Hiring Our Heroes fellow at LVL-Up Strategies

Our Operational Growth Program

It’s time to LVL-Up your operation’s game to reach your business goals.

LVL-Up has the experience and expertise you need to prepare your organization for remote employees.

Connection to Employment Programs

Employment programs can be win/win situations and provide competitive advantage. Rather than spend hours navigating processes, we'll guide you through them.

Recruiting, Interviewing & Onboarding

We screen applicants, interview top candidates, then manage the entire hiring process and lead your new hires through a smooth, comprehensive onboarding.

Process Mapping & Implementation

We conduct research, planning, testing, and documentation to ensure your teams have access to the same information, defined processes, and clear instructions to enable efficiency.


Employment programs have strict compliance requirements, and each one has different guidelines. We help you compare programs, find the best fit for you, and get you aligned and started faster.

Wherever you are in your business journey, LVL-Up has the expertise, experience, and tools to #GetItHandled.

WE KNOW the remote efm workforce
& how to leverage their talent.

We are executives, entrepreneurs, visionaries, and logisticians who are also eligible family members (EFMs) of Foreign Service and Military families. The LVL-Up team advances our careers remotely while serving our country from around the world.

Driven EFMs know how to progress your business quickly because we re-establish ourselves with each move to a new post. We are strategists whose expertise, determination, creativity, and ingenuity allow us to #GetItHandled® for you.

Work with LVL-Up

the process is simple.

1. Schedule a discovery call to share your pain points, priorities, and progress thus far.

2. LVL-Up assesses your current remote work policies to identify gaps and inefficiencies.

3. LVL-Up implements your new plan that attracts and retains talented remote employees.

Are you

Ready to take the first step?

Don't know where to start when
hiring a remote team member?

Our free checklist will give you the most important things to consider!