Five Reasons Your Business Needs a Well-designed and Cohesive Look

Dina Bernardin
March 31, 2022
Five Reasons Your Business Needs a Well-designed and Cohesive Look
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Tell me what your branding is saying without telling me what your branding is saying.

Your logo, social media accounts, website, business cards, and packaging are all speaking for you. What are they saying? Are they sending a cohesive and consistent message? 

The adage is: you only get one chance to make a good first impression. But it’s likely your audience wasn’t paying attention the first time, so you’ll  have many opportunities to reinforce your image. Repeated exposure helps us remember a brand. Using the same palette, logo, and themes helps establish brand awareness. Building a visual representation of your business using fonts, colors, illustrations, and patterns takes organization and strategy. By taking the time to make your look cohesive and recognizable, your brand is elevated.

The benefits of dedicating time and resources to a streamlined look will increase your impact. Some things to keep in mind that contribute to brand cohesiveness:

Accurate impression. Your brand is already out there, constantly sending a message. Is it accurately portraying the right message to your potential clients? Your outdoor signage, website, and Instagram posts show clients who you are before you ever have a conversation.

Professionalism. Even if you are just starting out, a well-put-together branding story can assure your audience that you can be taken seriously. It shows you pay attention to detail and make considered decisions for your own business. For example, be sure that the level of photography on your social media accounts is at the same level as your product.

Trust. Growing an audience, getting referrals, and closing on a sale require trust. When clients see that you have put thought and intention into every facet of YOUR business, they assume that the services you are offering to THEM will be at the same level. 

Memorability and recognizability. A consistent look gives your audience a mental picture of your business. However, slapping a logo on everything isn’t as interesting as building a look around the personality of your brand. Starbucks doesn’t always have the green logo on a white cup. But they would never hand you a coffee in a red solo cup. A strong brand is recognizable even when the logo isn’t present. You know that one friend you have whose social media posts you KNOW are "theirs" without reading the caption? That's consistent branding! Your brand should be so visually consistent and unique that you don’t need your logo on everything for people to know it's you.

Creating a thoughtful, cohesive brand takes effort, but it shows that you treat your own work–and your clients'–with care and intention.

Differentiation. It’s likely that like Starbucks, you aren’t the only business in your industry. A cohesive brand sets you apart, making you distinct from other businesses similar to yours. 

Many business owners understand the importance of branding, but they don’t know how to get there on their own. LVL-Up is here to help you set yourself apart with a brand that is cohesive and consistent. Achieving branding that supports your image and promotes a sense of trust and reliability because it is thoughtfully well-designed will take your business to the next level. 

Dina Bernardin
LVL-Up Strategies