The Secret to Crushing Your Goals This Year is Creating a Quarterly Plan

Nora Burke
November 10, 2023
The Secret to Crushing Your Goals This Year is Creating a Quarterly Plan

Achieving your business goals isn't just about having a dream; it's about having a clear vision and a roadmap. If your “business dream” doesn’t seem to be gaining clarity, it may be because you can’t build the capacity to reach it. At LVL-Up, we understand that not every business owner can afford to put money and time toward a comprehensive three- or five-year plan with implementation. But what about a Quarterly Planning program tailored to help business owners like you achieve progress in just 90 days? You could focus on that immediate need — like building capacity — instead of that big dream.

Let's explore how Quarterly Planning can turn your long-term vision into actionable steps that will result in progress toward that dream.

Step 1: Defining Your Vision

The journey starts with a deep dive into your long-term vision. Our Quarterly Planning program encourages you to dream big, allowing you to envision the future you desire for your business.

Step 2: Understanding Your Current State

With your vision in focus, we can take a closer look at your business's current resources. What is already established? What can be repurposed or reassigned? This helps us assess what's possible for the next quarter and where to apply your focus best.

Step 3: Identifying Milestones

From here, we work together to pull out the most impactful milestones that will keep you on track throughout the quarter. With this approach, you no longer need to feel overwhelmed by your long-term goals, and you can feel confident about hitting milestones within your reach.

Step 4: Carrying On with Continuous Awareness

Our Quarterly Planning program isn't just about setting goals; it's about fostering continuous awareness and incremental progress. Our program is built in a way that fits your needs. You can carry out the plan on your own with our timeline and actions outlined for each week. Or you may want us to continue working by your side to keep you focused and motivated.

With this kind of preparation, you can uncover both obstacles and hidden opportunities. Small check-ins help you develop a heightened sense of awareness regarding what's working and what's not. It's a process of continuous improvement and a way to capture crucial insights you might otherwise miss. For example, perhaps you've consistently met your sales goals; now may be the perfect time to expand your offerings. Or maybe you’ve opened up capacity with onboarding an assistant; now may be the perfect time to work on your leadership development.

Another benefit of breaking down your planning cycles is adaptability. We can revisit and fine-tune your plan every 90 days by digging deep into the details of the upcoming quarter, making adjustments, setting new milestones, and adapting your plan to suit your evolving business needs. We recommend regularly tracking and evaluating your business to stay focused and make necessary adjustments.

Embracing the Power of Quarterly Planning

If you're ready to bring clarity and structure to your business dreams, Quarterly Planning is often the best way for small businesses to make progress. It's a journey that ensures your business continues to thrive. We provide the tools to help you prioritize tasks and efficiently allocate your time to ensure progress toward your goals.

What are you waiting for? Contact us to learn about our quarterly planning packages.

Nora Burke
LVL-Up Strategies