Small Business Marketing Plan Results in Free PR Opportunities

Morgan Province
April 11, 2023
Small Business Marketing Plan Results in Free PR Opportunities

If a beautiful yard is designed, but no one sees it, does it even exist?

Well, of course it does. It brings the homeowner joy, which in turn brings the landscape architect joy. But, to expand a budding business into one that is in full bloom, you need good marketing and sales strategies to make sure the world sees those designs.

LVL-Up Strategies has worked closely with a landscape architect over the past three years to define and strengthen their digital presence, content marketing plan, and sales system. As a result, their online audience has grown by the thousands, their revenue increased by 30%, and their website is now a top-three referral source for new leads.

We knew this client created amazing outdoor transformations, but now more of the world (or at least homeowners in the DMV) know about them, too.

This progress didn’t happen overnight. It was a coordinated strategy that allowed the client to take small steps over time so their budget and bandwidth could accommodate each change. We built a social media presence, implemented a CRM platform (offering sales guidance), and improved the website user experience and conversion rate.

Our focus was not public relations, but our marketing and sales efforts led to PR opportunities such as being voted as a local favorite in Virginia and syndicating their blog. They are invited to speak at local events and attend trade fairs. Most recently, they were featured in an article among other experts for an industry digital publication.

When the client is ready, we may launch a larger public relations strategy. But the key to working with small businesses is being able to create a large impact in small increments, so that growth is achieved at a sustainable rate. 

Improving your marketing and sales (or any business area, for that matter) is not a fast process, especially for small business owners with limited resources. But care for your garden little by little, and you will reap the rewards. You never know what other opportunities may sprout up!

Morgan Province
LVL-Up Strategies