How good is AI in small business apps? Here's LVL-Up's Review.

Ji Yeon Lee
June 6, 2023
How good is AI in small business apps? Here's LVL-Up's Review.

Did you know that at least one of the apps you are currently using has an AI feature? Have you tried figuring out how it can help your business? Don’t worry about spending time comparing which app to use. We did the research for you. 

As a fully remote company with an asynchronous working culture, LVL-Up Strategies utilizes apps to communicate with our clients as well as within our organization. We are noticing an increase in artificial intelligence (AI) content creation mechanisms within the apps we use most, namely Hive and Canva. This is part of a larger AI trend, and in our quest to constantly innovate, we did a deep-dive into the most talked-about AI content creation platforms to learn how they work, and to understand how they can help small businesses create content optimized for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

How AI Content Creation Works

AI cannot create content by itself. You must provide prompts, including descriptions, tone of voice, and any key elements that you want to add to your content. The AI content creation tools then take your prompt and create their own content, using natural language processing and natural language generation to sound like it was written by a human. The content is created in a matter of seconds. The more you use the tool and the more feedback you provide, the better the content generation will be. 

How AI Can Help You Create Content

While content creation can be fun and creative, it can also be time-consuming and challenging for many small businesses. Across the board, the AI content creation platforms reviewed below can create content much faster than humans. While it can take hours for humans to research and write, these AI tools do the same amount of work in minutes while also helping with language localization. Using an AI content creation platform is a good place to start when you have limited time to work on content creation for marketing and social media. AI content creation, especially for social media, helps businesses increase engagement with their target audience and streamline their social media strategy.

How AI Can Hurt Your Content Creation

Although AI content creation platforms can help you write faster, you have to make sure that the content is not too generic. A considerable downside of AI is that it cannot think outside the box. AI is only able to learn over time with pre-fed data and past experiences but cannot be creative. You can depend on AI to a certain extent when it comes to content creation, but there are limits. When you hit a wall with AI originality, you need to rely on humans with innovative ideas for engaging content to increase your audience and sales. 

In the short-term, AI-generated content will not replace the quality content created by humans. AI-generated content is not always reliable or accurate. It can even provide content considered to be spam because it cannot distinguish key spam words, which can have a detrimental impact on marketing and business development, from refined words that can help reach a target audience. You always need a set of human eyes to review the content and ensure the target audience can be reached.

AI Content Creation Tools that LVL-Up Tested


ChatGPT became the world’s most talked about AI content creation platform when OpenAI launched it in November 2022. With its release, advertisers learned to leverage its marketing capabilities, teachers assessed its uncertain impact on education, and entrepreneurs looked for ways it could benefit business operations. ChatGPT is relatively broad in its functionality and offers an open prompt mechanism for users to ask questions, make observations, or share opinions on any topic. The ChatGPT bot provides both broad and specific answers. Many professors and educators found that ChatGPT outputs are substantial enough to receive a high grading mark although others argue that information generated by ChatGPT needs to be verified.

Magic Write

ChatGPT is (for now) a free service, and other online platforms, including Hive and Canva, followed suit in providing their own free AI capabilities. Canva Doc’s AI text generator, Magic Write, is built on the Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3) algorithm and produces bullet points or topic ideas for users based on a few keywords. It can also offer an editable first draft of a document the user is working on, such as a cover letter. 

Hive Mind

Hive Mind brainstorms ideas and content and retools them into a shareable project within the user’s Hive cards. Hive Mind is fully integrated into Hive Action Cards, Hive Mail, and Hive Notes. It creates project tasks based on the user’s suggestions, writes content, and drafts email responses. Hive Mind provides an all-inclusive tool to help writers create better content within their Hive projects, enhancing their ability to share, collaborate, and work on content in real time.  

Jasper AI

Jasper AI, on the other hand, quickly generates high-quality documents. It uses the more sophisticated large language model GPT 3.5, just like ChatGPT, and helps users brainstorm, edit, and publish more refined content. is ideal for businesses looking to quickly generate SEO-optimized content in large volumes. It uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms to detect keywords for titles and content, recognize relevant topics, and suggest other optimization options. Its downside is that it is not free and lacks editing features or additional customization options beyond basic keyword optimization. While can help pinpoint relevant topics, it still needs the human side to determine the keywords for an effective SEO-optimized title and description.

Here is a breakdown of some of the key similarities and differences among the four AI content creation platforms:

Is One AI Tool Better Than the Others at Content Creation?

We investigated which of the four previously discussed AI content creation platforms is best for small businesses. Our first test was to give each of them the same prompt. Based on this initial test, we found that whether it is GPT-3 or GPT 3.5, and whether it is paid or free, all four AI content creation mechanisms provided similar responses to our prompt (although we had to tweak our input with Magic Write to get a more substantive response). This, however, will change over time as you continue using the AI tool because it saves more data and experiences. Every AI content creation tool is different and works better for certain industries than others. Try the AI tools that we tested and see which one works best for you!

More News and Resources About AI Tools

As we explore the wonders of AI content creation, we cannot ignore the fact that AI tools lack the ability to understand the nuances, circumstances, and complexities of every context. That is where we, LVL-Up Strategies, come in to provide individualized attention to each of our clients and help them Get It Handled®.

Ji Yeon Lee