Washington, DC – May 6, 2024 - LVL-Up Strategies proudly announces that CEO and Founder Rona Jobe has been named the winner of The Debrah Farnell Rising Star Award presented by The National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) to outstanding women business owners in business for less than five years. 

Founded in 1975, NAWBO advocates on behalf of women business owners, regardless of political affiliation, encouraging and supporting bipartisan legislation focused on building and strengthening a sustainable business economy and assuring that decision-makers on both sides of the aisle hear the women-owned business voice.

In 2020, Rona Jobe founded LVL-Up Strategies with a dual mission: to make an impact in the U.S. Eligible Family Members (EFM)/Military spouse community and the small business community. Drawing from her personal experience as an EFM, Jobe recognized the challenges faced by this community in rebuilding their careers amidst frequent relocations. She also identified a need to make strategic consulting accessible to small businesses, leading her to create LVL-Up Strategies as a bridge between these two communities.

Given that the majority of EFM/military spouses are women, LVL-Up Strategies is uniquely positioned to empower and support this community. The company's remote, mostly asynchronous business model not only nurtures its staff's skills but also provides employment opportunities to EFMs who move their families around the world every few years. Currently, LVL-Up Strategies' staff is 100% women and 55% women of color while 57% of its current and past clients are women-owned businesses.

Since its inception, LVL-Up has actively supported EFMs and Military spouses, helping three EFMs secure high-level leadership positions upon their return stateside, including one in the C-suite. Through its strategic planning, operations design, human resources services, marketing and sales plans, and business guidance, LVL-Up Strategies continues to propel small businesses, startups, nonprofits, and government agencies toward their next level of success.

“I am deeply honored to receive the Rising Star Award from NAWBO. This award is a validation that we, foreign service and military spouses, have the support of fellow women leaders as we pursue our own career and business/personal development,” said Jobe. “For every business owner and leader who works with us for their consulting needs, and to everyone who pushes our vision forward — thank you!”

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About LVL-Up Strategies
Founded in 2020, LVL-Up Strategies is a minority, woman-owned small business based out of Arlington, Virginia. Specializing in helping small businesses grow to their potential, LVL-Up offers its clients strategic advisory, operations design and implementation, marketing plans and execution, and business development guidance. LVL-Up’s staff consist of Foreign Service and Military spouses who are offered an opportunity to build sustainable careers while serving their country around the world. LVL-Up Strategies takes its staff and clients to their next level by showing them the how, giving them the who, and supporting their why.