LVL-Up Wins in the 15th Annual 2023 Golden Bridge Awards

Arlington, VA. – AUGUST 4, 2023 LVL-Up Strategies proudly announces that CEO and Founder Rona Jobe has been named a winner in the 15th Annual 2023 Golden Bridge Awards®. This program hosted by the Globee Awards, known for organizing world-class business awards programs and business ranking lists, recognized Rona Jobe as a standout winner in this year’s prestigious event.

The 15th Annual 2023 Golden Bridge Awards® celebrates organizations that demonstrate outstanding achievements, innovation, and excellence across various industries. This prestigious recognition program honors the trailblazers, disruptors, and visionaries who have pushed the boundaries of possibility and made significant contributions to their respective fields. From cutting-edge technology advancements to groundbreaking marketing campaigns, the Golden Bridge Awards® provide a platform to showcase and celebrate the remarkable accomplishments of these organizations. By highlighting their successes, the awards inspire others to strive for greatness, fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration, and continuous improvement. The Golden Bridge Awards® embody the spirit of recognizing and celebrating the exceptional accomplishments that shape our world.

Rona Jobe was named Entrepreneur of the Year | Business, Professional Services, & Consulting - GOLD GLOBEE® WINNER

The complete list of 2023 winners is here:

Rona Jobe founded LVL-Up Strategies in 2020 to make an impact on two communities simultaneously: small business owners who need access to strategic business plans plus teams to implement them and Foreign Service/Military spouses who are forced to rebuild their careers every few years. LVL-Up creates sustainable pathways to the next level by connecting the two communities.

“I am deeply honored and thrilled to be named as a winner in the 15th Annual 2023 Golden Bridge Awards,” said Rona Jobe, CEO and Co-Founder LVL-Up Strategies. “I founded LVL-Up to make business consulting accessible to small businesses who are ready to push themselves up to the next level of success by training and providing high-quality job opportunities to Foreign Service and Military personnel spouses. This award inspires us to push boundaries further and continue being a leader of progress and innovation within these communities.”

“Congratulations to all the remarkable winners of the 2023 Golden Bridge Awards®!” said San Madan, President of the Globee Awards. “We are thrilled to honor the outstanding innovations and exceptional business achievements showcased by these visionary organizations. Each winner has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of possibility and driving positive change within their respective industries. It is their relentless pursuit of excellence that sets them apart as leaders in today’s competitive landscape. We applaud their creativity, resilience, and unwavering dedication to success. The Golden Bridge Awards® celebrate these remarkable accomplishments and serve as a testament to the transformative power of innovation and business acumen. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the winners and look forward to witnessing their continued growth and impact in the years to come.”

Rona Jobe previously won a 2023 Silver Globee® for Sales, Marketing, Service, & Operations in 2023 in the Business Role Model of the Year category.


About the Globee Awards
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About LVL-Up Strategies
Founded in 2020, LVL-Up Strategies is a minority, woman-owned small business based out of Arlington, Virginia. Specializing in helping small businesses grow to their potential, LVL-Up offers their clients strategic advisory, operations design and implementation, marketing plans and execution, and business development guidance. LVL-Up’s staff consists of Foreign Service and Military spouses who want to build sustainable careers while serving their country around the world. LVL-Up Strategies takes its staff and clients to their next level by showing them the how, giving them the who, and supporting their why.

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